Adrienne Evatt Coaching - Recipe for Life

It’s not enough to be great.

Congratulations… you found a zone of genius for yourself! Something you truly have a talent for, and you love it, and it seems easy and fulfilling and it’s harder for others. So.. this must be it! Your magical recipe. THAT THING that will help others, bring you joy and make you money. Phew! So good! 

Now what? Are you wondering why it’s so hard to make it all work? Are you wondering where the people are that you can help? Where the money is? Why it seems so hard all of a sudden? Maybe you are even questioning your plan ALL-TOGETHER.

That’s because in business and in life, it’s NOT ENOUGH TO BE GREAT. Life is more complex than that! People have to know. In their logical mind, in their emotional mind and in their tactical mind. When I work with my clients we talk about these three parts of how people decide to move forward.. they decide with their head, heart and hands.

It’s not complicated… it’s actually simple. 

  1. Find your people.
  2. Share what you do.
  3. Get in their head: tactically, logically and emotionally. 

As soon as you do, your greatness will be recognized. Seen. PAID FOR. And I can help you with this! If you are already GREAT, and you want to make a BUSINESS, I am the perfect coach for you.

Let me help you!

The fact is, when you manage your mind, you and your brain are capable of truly remarkable things. You have SUCH deep wisdom. I would love to help you with your very own business drama, mind drama, money drama, body drama and just plain life.. working with me as your coach can make ALL the difference.