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There’s a knot in your necklace

This has happened to you, right? You get a knot in your necklace. Like a really really bad knot. Especially if you have a necklace with a very fine chain .. and that knot can get so insurmountably tangled that it just looks like a ball and it seems completely unsolvable.

You could think, “just forget it .. I may as well throw this necklace away ! There’s no way I will ever get that knot out and I will never be able to wear that necklace again.”

This has happened to me. I won’t throw the necklace away, but I will throw it on the bathroom counter and it will sit there tormenting me for months.

But, how do you get a knot out of a necklace?

Do you know? How do you do it?

One tiny little piece at a time… Just start loosening it little by little by little. You could even use a needle… A magnifying glass… There are tools that will help you and it is in fact NOT an unsolvable problem even though It can feel completely UN -fixable.

It’s like that when we get overwhelmed. Everything just gets so tangled up and messy and knotted up in this tight little ball that it seems like a completely unsolvable problem. There’s pieces of personal stuff, relationships, work, home, maybe your house is messy, maybe your kids aren’t listening, so many things can go into this tight little ball.

Well there’s a knot in your necklace… And when your emotions run high, your intelligence runs low… And it’s impossible to even SEE the tools that you need to start loosening and unwinding all of the things.

Your magnifying glass and your needle whenthe knot in your necklace is actually overwhelm becomes the lens that you look through and the actions that you take.

When you work with me as your coach, I will not only help you identify where all the knots are coming from but I will also help you find your magnifying glass and your needle. Working with me one on one as your coach is the best way to solve overwhelm and to grow and create the life that you love! More money, more happiness, more satisfaction.

The best part is what happens when you get it fixed. When the overwhelm has been solved and handled and the knot in your necklace is gone, a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. You can take a deep breath and feel open, happy, and relaxed. You have the ability to see a vision for the future. A long runway completely full of possibility and hope and a way to get to the awesome destinations of your future.

There is NOTHING like that feeling of possibility in your body and the knowledge that you can achieve your goals.

The fact is, when you manage your mind, you and your brain are capable of truly remarkable things. I would love to help you with your very own business drama, mind drama, money drama, body drama and just plain life.. working with a coach can make ALL the difference.