Adrienne Evatt Coaching - Recipe for Life

What if it was fun?

I see you. you have some big ideas and big dreams…

  • you want to start a business
  • you want to start a nonprofit
  • You want to change careers
  • You don’t know what you want , but you know it’s not what’s happening right now

It’s possible that you have thoughts about what it would be like to actually try to do this thing that you want to do. Maybe it seems really hard. Maybe you’re not quite sure what to do and if someone could just tell you what to do maybe you would know if you really wanted to do it. It seems like the unknown and therefore scary. Maybe you don’t know enough other people who are doing it so it seems impossible. Maybe it seems like everyone else and do it is doing it so it seems impossible.

The truth is, these new ventures in our brains we typically think are 90% technical knowledge (the HOW) and 10% courage. We think we have to have a roadmap of how to do some thing and that’s why we can’t start. But in reality, you need about 10% technical knowledge and 90% courage. And the 90% part of you that is afraid to do the thing or anxious about it or worried about it is what’s really stopping you.

But what if it was fun?

And what if it was super simple.

What would you do differently and how would you approach it and what would you start if you thought it would be simple and fun ?

Just picture yourself, laughing, sipping espresso or fresh squeezed juice, gazing at the sunset and thinking about how amazing this beautiful future is that you have created. See yourself there. That’s where you belong, and I can help you get there.

Let me help you…

The fact is, when you manage your mind, you and your brain are capable of truly remarkable things. I would love to help you with your very own business drama, mind drama, money drama, body drama and just plain life.. working with a coach can make ALL the difference.